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Meinungen: Marc-André "Monkeyman" Tarte

Meinung: u are the best

u are the best von Jessica am 15. Dez 2003, 16:17

Hello how are you?
Ive been on the 11th Air & Style contest and it was great I've had had the chance to talked to him for a few minutes and I like him. What Marc-André thinks about girls is really great, not much boys believe in girls like Marc-André does. I think its not fear but well show you all that girls can do it the same as boys can. I hope that he will win much more contests and it's not rally horrible that you haven't won on Sunday I believe in you and much more people do it the same. So we love you Marc-André and we love Canada!

Marc-André you are the best an I hope you will be healthy for the rest of your life!


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