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Jon Kooley

Bewertung: 5.9     Deine Bewertung
Land: USA
Stance: Goofy
Geburtstag: 21. Februar 1980
Geburtsort: Portland, OR
Homemountain: Brighton
Board: Jon Kooley 152 - Best board out there!
Bindung: Raiden Blackhawk
Schuhe: Celsius
Sponsoren: Nitro, L1, Celsius, Ashbury, Level, Comune, Milosport

Deine Meinung über Jon Kooley

Interview mit Jon Kooley

What was your first board?
Burton Twin

Where did you go snowboarding the first time?
Birch Hill in Fairbanks Alaska.

Your favorit country?
Germany, I actually spent some years there when I was a kid.

Your best trip so far?
Every time I go back to AK to film.

You have to cook for somebody. What would you cook?
Steak... It´s the only thing I can cook. I just love meat!

What would you like to change on yourself if you could?
I wouldn´t mind being able to grow a real beard.

If somebody would pay you a trip, where would you go and with whom?
I would go to Japan with my girlfriend Ashley. Japan is amazing and I would love for her to see it.

Yes, but I don´t use it much.

Who are your favorit riders to hang out with?
Will, Jordan, Seth, Zack

What do you do besides snowboarding?
Draw, Paint, Skate, Ride my motorcycle, Hang out with Ashley.

The meanest thing you ever did?
I´m not sure, maybe pick a fight with someone who didn´t deserve it.

How would the house of your dreams look like?
A big garage, that´s all I need.

What do you beleive in? Destiny or Coincindence?

Men are?

Woman are?

The worst pain you ever had?
Splitting my knee open this winter.

What makes you laugh?

As a kid you were?
A little shit, I´m sure.

Is there any invention you are waiting for?
Hover board

How old do you feel?

What do you think do people who don`t know you think about you?
I'm not sure... I don't think I want to know.

What do you think about yourself?
I'm happy.

Single or not?

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