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Andreas Moen

Bewertung: 4.8     Deine Bewertung
Land: Norwegen
Stance: Regular
Geburtstag: 30.06.83
Geburtsort: Oslo
Wohnort: Hĝnefoss
Board: Santa Cruz, TT fusion
Bindung: Santa Cruz, Guerilla
Schuhe: 32, team two
Sponsoren: Santa Cruz, Westbeach, 32, Etnies, Dragon
Erfolge: Getting snowboarding as a job!

Deine Meinung über Andreas Moen

Interview mit Andreas Moen

What was your first board?
That was a F2, twise as tall as me.

Where did you ride for the first time?
In Hafjell, Lillehammer

Your favourite country?
After Norway? Austria and the US.

Best Trip you ever made?
So hard, had so many good ones. But I really like the mammoth trips me and the norway crew have before x-mas to get in shape before the season. A lot of fun...!!

You have to cook for somebody. What[146]s on the table?
I really rock the wok.

You can change one thing about you. What are you going to change?
Dosent everybody have a nose job these days...? Maybe som botox, I dont know!

We pay a trip for you. Where do you want to go and who is coming with you?
Then Im of to Kambodja, with Martinius.

Snowmobiles are...?
so MUCH fun!

Your favourite Trick?
Hm... Switch BS are a lot of fun.

Favourite people to ride with?
The nowegian mafia and the Pirate crew!

Other interests beside snowboarding?
Golf, surf and hunting!

What disappoints you?
Bad weather when ist suppose to be nice..

The meanest thing you ever did?
Driving on red light, I was bad...!

We build your dream house for you: Villa or log cabin? And where should we locate it?
A villa on the beach of bali!

For one day, you can be somebody else. Who do you choose?
Wirde Al.

Destiny or accident. What do you believe in?

Men are...?

Girls are...?

It is night and you are standing alone in the rain. You are far away from home and you only have enough money for one phone call. Who do you call?
My girl.

The worst pains you ever had?
When I broke my arm, and when I got food poisend in spain...

When I was a child I was...?
a nerd

What invention are you still waiting for?
Warm toilet seats

A Cd or vinyl that you are really ashamed of?
Celin Dion

How old do you feel like?
16 1/2

What do you think about yourself as a person?
I like myself.

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