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Martin Sandberg

Bewertung: 4.5     Deine Bewertung
Stance: Regular
Geburtstag: September 82
Geburtsort: Leksand, Schweden
Homemountain: Granberget
Board: K2 Wille
Bindung: SP
Schuhe: 32 - BroPort
Sponsoren: K2, Whiteout, 32, Etnies, Spy, SP
Erfolge: 1 on Leksands Golfcourse

Deine Meinung über Martin Sandberg

sicker rider von joedirt am 5. Jun 2007, 14:22

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Interview mit Martin Sandberg

What was your first board?
A Blacksnow.

Where did you ride for the first time?

Your favourite country?

You have to cook for somebody. What's on the table?
Pizza from the local Pizza place.

You can change one thing about you. What are you going to change? ändern?
Quit beeing alergic to chiken.

We pay a trip for you. Where do you want to go and who is coming with you?
Ibiza, whit all my partypalls.

Best Trip?
A Trip to Vegas.

Snowmobiles are...?

Your favourite Trick?
Switch Frontside 360.

Favourite people to ride with?
Hampus Mosesson, Chris and the partypals.

Other interests beside snowboarding?
Golf, and technopartys.

What disappoints you?
Bed weather and angry people.

The meanest thing you ever did?
Shooting peas from a straw and then a old lady sliped on them and broked her leg.

We build your dream house for you: Villa or log cabin? And where should we locate it?
A villa right next to Siljan.

For one day, you can be somebody else. Who do you choose?

Destiny or accident. What do you believe in?

Men are...?

Girls are...?

It's night and you are standing alone in the rain. You are far away from home and you only have enough money for one phone call. Who do you call?

The worst pains you ever had?
Broken shoulder, broken elbow

You're guest in a TV Talk Show. What´s the subject of the Show?
That makes me laugh: Swedish movie Kopps.

When I was a child I was...?
Getting in truble.

What invention are you still waiting for?
Celeb Poker

You're pretty much into...?
Snowboard and party

A Cd or vinyl that you are really ashamed of?

The worst music ever?

How old do you feel like?

what do you think about yourself as a person?
Nice guy.

Best aid when you have a hangover?
Pizza or Snus

Single or not?

Interviews are...?

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