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Sapient Showcase Showdown von Par4gon am 1. Okt 2008, 10:39

Allright, this is it.

Sapient got a great team with Chris Coulter leading the pact, but its looking for some fresh blood in their team.

Riders from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

Send in a video of yourself showing your skills on a stick. Make sure we get a decent look at you throwing tricks out of your bag.

For the riders in the netherlands and belgium there will be a final on the 14th of November.

Getting sponsored for dummies:

*Send in video's of you snowboarding!

*Include your name, age, and address

*Send it to SapientShowcase@themustachio.com.

*The deadline is 14 October.

*Sapient judges the videos

*You get a full gear sponsordeal at Sapient with Boards, Bindings and Boots.

*and maybe interesting business deals.

Mind the following:

* Videos dont have to be top notch. You only have to make sure it shows your skills good enough. Anything will do.

* Sapient is looking for boys, girls and guys so dont be scared. Theres plenty change you make it to be sponsored.

* Send in videos of 7 Mb maximum at large! If youre video is bigger send us a yousendit.com request, a Video link or any way to showcase your skills. Try to avoid the crappy quality of Youtube.com!

Any further questions can be mailed to SapientShowcase@themustachio.com

**************************************** *************

the showcase is organised by theMustachio.com,

check the website for more information.

**************************************** *************

we already received some video's from German Riders, but we want to give everybody a chance, so don't be shy, you got nothing to loose.

and remember "No friends on a powder day"

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