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Pleasure Teaser-Artikel - Snowboardfilme 09/10

von Mugl, 23. Feb 2009

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Sandbox "Shine On"

Riders: Jody Wachniak, Geoff Brown, Rusty Ockenden, Dwayne Weibe, Andrew Geeves, Ryan Hall, Jake Kuzyk, Steve Cartwright, Brendan Keenan, Andrew Hardingham, Kael Hill, Max Ritchie, Rube Goldberg, Nash Lajeunesse, Jonas Guinn, Kevin Sansalone, Logan Short, Ryan Sliziak, Mikey Pederson, Ryan Tiene, Kevin Griffin, Mike Fikowski, Nate Laverty, Aaron Maksymec, Russell Dalby, Clayton Larsen, Ryan Kenny, Joey Vance, Brian Hockenstein, Sean Hoglin, Jeff Patterson

Checkt: www.sandboxland.com.

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